Listing the Shares of Public Shareholding Companies

Estimated Time:

 Three working days after completing all necessary procedures


Listing Dep.

Estimated Fee:

(0.0004) of the paid in capital, where the collected fee should not exceed JD (3,000) per annum

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Listing the shares of public shareholding companies established in Jordan, that want  to list and trade their shares at the ASE. The listing application which submitted by  the company shall be reviewed to ensure that it fulfills all the conditions and requirements specified in the Directives , then the company is listed according to certain procedures

Conditions for obtaining service

- Conditions mentioned in Articles (3),(4), (5), (6),(16) and (24) of Listing Securities Directives.



Partner institutions:



  • Reviewing   the application to ensure  that it contains all required information
  • Completing all the necessary procedures at the JSC and the SDC.
  • Signing of A listing agreement with the company,then the company shall announce  in two daily newspapers all the information identified in Article (6) of Listing Securities Directives.
  • Determining a day for listing the company’s share.

Required Documents

An application submitted by the company, attached with all required documents  identified in Article (4) of Listing Securities Directives.

Persons benefiting from the service

Public Shareholding Companies


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