Consultations in Renewable energy and energy efficiency- Measurements and verification services

Estimated Time:

Depends on the recommended energy saving measures submitted in the energy study.


On-site & office work at the National Energy Research Centre

Estimated Fee:

Depends on the man days and the devices used in the service

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  • Persons benefiting from the service
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Conditions for obtaining service

Submitting a request for proposal or request for service via an official letter.



Partner institutions:



1.Identifying the baseline energy consumptions.
2.Identifying the needed adjustments for the baseline.
3.Conducting the required measurements on the specified systems.
4.Data Analysis.
5.Reporting and submission for the measurements and verification study


Required Documents

1.Detailed Energy audit report for the energy saving measures including the baseline energy.
2.Energy bills after implementation period for the recommended measures.


Persons benefiting from the service

Owners of (Industries, commercial buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Pumping stations, etc.,..)


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