(Renting out a real estate property or land plot

Estimated Time:

7 working days

  • Awqaf Properties Development Department.
  • Real-Estate Rentals offices of the department under Awqaf directorates around the Kingdom
Estimated Fee:

  • 10% of the value of the auction applied to the awardee.
  • 0.003 of the contract value in postal stamps.
  • The cost of advertising in daily newspapers on the awardee.

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Conditions for obtaining service

  • Provide a bid security deposit at 10% from the auction value by the awardee.
  • Interested bidders shall arrive on time.
  • A sponsor shall be present with the bidder when organizing the contract.
  • The presence of a Jordanian sponsor when the contract is organized in case the bidder is non-Jordanian.



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  • The Department shall advertise the auction announcement in daily newspapers and determine the date of the auction.
  • Upon completion of the bidding and awarding, the application shall be transferred to the Finance department to pay the bid security deposit.
  • The application shall be submitted to the Real-Estate Rentals Committee for approval or disapproval.
  • The winning bidder shall be notified of the decision of the Committee and the visit within one week of the approval to sign the contract, otherwise the security deposit shall be confiscated and the auction shall be re-auctioned
  • After the approval of the Real-Estate Rentals committee, the application is transferred to the Finance department in the presence of the bidder to pay the rent amount for three months and postal stamp fees. The security deposit shall be calculated towards the value of the rent.
  • The application is returned to the Real-Estate Rentals division and the rent contract is signed by all parties.
  • Submit a copy of the rent contract to the tenant.
  • Submit a copy of the rent contract to the accounting division to record its details on the rentals system.

Required Documents

  • Individuals:
  1. Civil Status ID for all parties (tenant and sponsor).
  2. Passport for non-Jordanians.
  • Enterprises:
  1. Company’s registration certificate, a copy of the commercial registry, and a copy of the civil ID of the authorized signatory

Persons benefiting from the service

Public & private enterprises, both natural and juridical persons.


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