Providing an index with certain Coordinates

Estimated Time:

1 Hour



The Department's Centre/ Computer and Information Technology Directory-Department 
of Lands Information


Estimated Fee:

15,18 JDs 

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Conditions for obtaining service

- None​



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Partner institutions:

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1. The applicant shall refer to the land information department and bring the coordinates of the area to be indexed. If the request for the index is by an official letter, the letter will be supplied in the bureau's department and transferred to the land information department.
2. The Land Information department shall: 
Extract the index to the required area according to the coordinates.
Issue a collection warrant.
3. Refer to the cashier to pay fees.
4. Refer to the Land Information department to receive the index.

Required Documents

- An official letter if it is a government agency 
- A Document with the desired region coordinates. 

Persons benefiting from the service

- Natural persons (individuals) and leal persons (companies, associations, etc.).


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