Correction or addendum to the family book

Estimated Time:

An hour and a half after the payment of fees


• Civil status and passport department /private passport directorate and correction.
• Correction  office
• Civil status and passport office which the family registered on it

Estimated Fee:

5 JD

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  • Procedures
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Conditions for obtaining service

Conclusive decision of the court to correction or decision of the commission on correction at the department.



Partner institutions:

Sharia courts Magistrate's Courts The Police Centers


• Visit the audience service desk and filing correction application form then getting the turn number.
• Visiting the liaison officer  to correct the information based on the application submitted  and acceptance it on the system by duly .
• Visit the office head  or his assistant to approval of the transaction
• Visit treasurer to pay legal fees.
• Converting the request to the printing section to print the document .
• Converting the ready document to delivery documents Section .
• Delivery the document for the service recipient after the financial voucher handover to delivery employee.

Required Documents

- The marriage contract in case of adding a wife.
- Competent court's decision in the case of the correction.
- Decision of the commission on correction in case of correct Family name.
- Naturalization certificate/ passport .
- Argument Islam whom they need .
- Birth certificate in the case of correct date of birth.
- Sensory detection report from security centers in case of a change of residence.

Persons benefiting from the service

Jordanian citizens


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