Issuing Civil smart card for the first time

Estimated Time:

13 minutes to registration and 15 minutes of delivery


Civil Status and Passports Department offices.

Estimated Fee:

• 2 JD

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Conditions for obtaining service

• Accepting the request for a smart card of the applicant personally. • Proving the personality of the applicant. For the first time And one of adult family members witness to this.


10 JD fine delay if completed the 18-year-old and did not issue an identity card

Partner institutions:

Follow-up and Inspection Department General Command Ministry of Health


• Visiting of audience service office.
• Filing an application form of obtaining  smart card of civil status and getting the turn number.
• Visit treasurer to pay legal fees.
• Visit  admissions officer to match the information submitted with the application and acceptance it in system by duly(auditing that there is no Security record).
- Enter financial voucher.
- Capturing iris of the eyes.
- Enter blood type.
• Visiting head of the office or his assistant to approve transaction.
• Converting to registration employee (fingerprinting and picture) and taken the signature.
• Converting the request  to archiving employee.
• Sending a print command electronically to printing centers.
• Sending sms to citizen to informing them of the readiness of the card .
• Visiting the employee of audience service desk.
• Checking citizen data through the fingerprinting.
• Entering pin code of card by citizen.
• Handed over the civil status smart card.

Required Documents

- Application form of personal card.
- Proving a personality from his relationship.
- Proving a personality  of the applicant if he underage
- Proving a personality of the applicant in case of underage.
- Two of new colorful personal photos
- Card bridges statistics who required from it (copy + Original) or stamping from follow-up and inspection .
- Formal letter of the general command for military persons to approve the issuance of the card.
- Medical examination to clique blood or written acknowledgment from owner relationship.

Persons benefiting from the service

Jordanian citizens


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