Disbursement of claims and invoices

Estimated Time:

A day or two


Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation / Directorate of Financial and Administrative Affairs.

Estimated Fee:

According to the financial system within respective ministries

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The disbursement of claims and invoices from the allocations indicated within the Ministry’s budget for other ministries and government departments

Conditions for obtaining service

There are no additional requirements except for the required documents




  •        The service shall be rendered within one hour; in presence of disbursement supporting documents and availability of liquidity at the Ministry of Finance.


  • The service seeker can consult the instructions contained in billboards located at the Ministry's entrance, regarding disbursement procedures.

Partner institutions:

Ministry of Finance


The claim shall be registered at the Ministry's records, and then a recommendation shall be solicited from supervisory bodies of the Ministry, to be then transferred to disbursement by the chief financial officer. Subject to the procedures of the documentary course, a check or a money transfer is made to the beneficiary

Required Documents

Invoices, entry vouchers, disbursement vouchers, quittance, receipt of postal stamps, and other supporting documents as appropriate

Persons benefiting from the service



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