Financing development projects

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The duration varies depending on the availability of information about the project, the response of the proposed funding agency, and the study of the project by it



The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation

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The Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation participates in preparing development plans and public policies, as well as in the identification of priorities within different sectors. It also contributes to the evaluation of funding requests and feasibility studies for development projects in light of these priorities

Conditions for obtaining service

The proposed project should conform to the categories listed within the development plan



Partner institutions:

Ministries, government departments and national institutions


  1. Review the document to verify whether the proposed project conforms to any of the categories of projects listed within the development plan.
  2. If the project does not conform to any of the categories on the list, further justification of the project shall be provided and substantiated with documents; which shall be sent to the Secretary General for decision.
  3. A memorandum clarifying the basic information of the project, its importance and observations of the project shall be prepared and submitted to the Director of the Directorate and to the Minister. If the project is approved, the application is then transferred to the Directorate of International Cooperation to find an appropriate source of funding.
  4. The ministry shall participate in the negotiations with the representative of the donor; in coordination with the directorates of funding within the ministry in order to reach an agreement on the financing of the project and how to coordinate.
  5. A technical mission shall be deployed by the funding agency for discovery.
  6. The draft agreement shall be reviewed to verify the conformity of the technical provisions therein with the requirements of the beneficiary; and then reply and send observations to the relevant Finance Directorate.

Required Documents

A project document shall include the following minimum requirements:

  • Name of the project.
  • Project objective.
  • Project justification.
  • Components (elements) of the project.
  • Duration of project implementation.
  • Implementing body.
  • Cost (in million dollars).
  • Project’s target groups.
  • Project Location.
  • 10. The current status of the project.

Persons benefiting from the service

Ministries, government departments and national institutions


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