Digital transformation requires modern standards, culture, says minister

Amman, Mar. 1 (Petra) -- Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Ahmed Hananda on Wednesday underscored that digital transformation requires modern institutional standards, procedures and culture.
Speaking at a workshop organized by the Center for Governmental Leadership at the Institute of Public Administration titled "Procedures and Digitization in the Public Sector," Hananda stressed the need to keep pace with the changes and rapid developments, as well as the change in the form of public sector administration, indicating that the secretaries general and directors general are vital to these efforts and are a "role models for their employees."
He also pointed to the need to look into how equipped each institution is with the necessary technologies, qualified staff, and institutional culture, and simplifying and facilitating these procedures and training young people working in the public sector.
Digital transformation, he said, reduces human intervention in service provision, which will lead to the disappearance of traditional jobs and the creation of completely different jobs. This obligates secretaries general and directors general to set forth plans and initiatives and form work teams who are able to handle the upcoming change.

//Petra// AJ
01/03/2023 15:42:24