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The Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI), is a non profit organization representing the Jordanian industrial sector. The Chamber represents in its membership more than 7,000 of Jordanian manufacturing firms of which 90% are SMEs, Among its members companies those engaged in mining, energy, construction, chemicals, engineering, pharmaceuticals, textile. IT industry among others. Founded in 1962, ACI is today with such a strong base is one of the main reference organizations for Jordan industry.


ACI main concern is the continued growth, well being and development of the Jordanian economy in general, and the industrial sector in particular. It has consistently shown initiative and dynamism, making many significant contributions to the national dialogue. This has earned the Chamber the respect of all other economic institutions and parties in Jordan and a position of leadership in the private sector.

ACI Board Members is composed of twelve members directly elected for a four-year term by the Chamber's General Assembly. The Chairman and the Board are responsible for general policy formulation and for drawing up programs and plans of action for implementation. The Board meets frequently with ACI Members to address their concerns and to agree with them on any required action. All developments affecting economic and industrial performance including new draft legislation and regulations are therein reviewed, and the Chamber's position towards them developed.

ACI main concerns to provide services for Chamber's members across all Industrial sectors. The chamber is involved in the promotion and development of national exports and in building the ties and bonds necessary for their growth. For this purpose the Chamber continuously develops its relations with its counterpart institutions of industry and trade in many countries of the Arab world and other regions abroad. Also the Chamber is active in helping enterprises to tackle successfully the challenge of a more and more globalised economy; ACI set up training facilities and supervise professional and continued training, it handle interaction with foreign business, technology transfer, known-how and management process enhancements as many other official duties linked with trade and world-wide economic cooperation and integration. The Amman Chamber of industry is at the forefront of this developing trend and maintains strong ties with various foreign chambers and international organizations in order to ensure this kind of interaction

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  • Second Circle The Islamic Educational College Street - Building Number 33
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  • (962) 6 464 7852


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