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"The Aqaba Special Economic Zone is a world class Red Sea business hub and leisure destination enhancing the quality of life and prosperity of the community through sustainable development and a driving force for the economic growth of Jordan"





The Aqaba Special Economic Zone is a major economic development node for tourism, recreational services, professional services, multi-modal transportation, and value-added industries in the Middle East. Aqaba offers global business opportunities in a competitive location with a high-quality lifestyle.


The Government of Jordan has embarked on an aggressive strategy to position Jordan within the global economy. A key initiative within this strategy is the establishment of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) as a liberalized, low-tax and multi-sector development area. A simplified business environment has been designed with streamlined administrative systems to attract investment and maximize private sector participation in all aspects of the Zone operations and development.


The historic city of AqabaJordan’s sole seaport – is located on the Red Sea. The ASEZ covers approximately 375km² and includes the land borders of Saudi Arabia and Israel, extending to the territorial waters of Egypt. The ASEZ, which incorporates the City of Aqaba with a population of approximately 80,000 people, has all the physical and social infrastructure and utilities required to serve a flourishing city.





Strategically situated at the crossroads of four countries and three continents and encompassing Jordan’s entire coastline, the ASEZ is served by both a deep-water seaport and an International Airport (one of three airports in Jordan) accommodating all classes of commercial and passenger aircrafts.


A network of modern highways connects Aqaba to the surrounding region. Jordan’s internal highway system also allows for fast, safe, and reliable freight and passenger transport throughout the country. Planned and existing road and rail networks further enhance accessibility, creating a true multi-modal transport hub. 

Aqaba is nestled at the base of dramatic mountains expressing the contrast between the sea and the desert. Moreover, the coastal landscape shelters the extraordinary coral reefs of the Red Sea. This unique environment necessitated the adoption of a comprehensive Master Plan that includes zoning and building regulations to ensure environmentally sustainable development while preserving Aqaba’s distinguishing character as a town of historic importance.


Aqaba offers unique tourism and cultural experiences to the visitor, investor, and resident alike. It is the only "living City" on the Red Sea with more than 5,500 years of history. Aqaba also forms an integral part of Jordan’s Golden Tourism Triangle, highlighting the natural and man-made wonders of Petra, the magnificent desert and cliffs of Wadi Rum, and the stunning beaches and coral reefs of Aqaba. In short, Aqaba’s natural endowments make it an attractive destination for tourism, thus an ideal location for investment in this sector.


The ASEZ offers businesses and residents a planned environment consisting of high-quality core infrastructure, facilities, and support services – all to international standards. Well-developed utility services are readily available in the ASEZ. Electricity is provided from a 600 MW thermal power station and a national grid. Water is abundantly supplied from nearby aquifers, with expansion plans for desalination plants to meet future demands. Additionally, the Aqaba wastewater treatment plant is currently being expanded, and treated water is available for industrial uses, in addition to landscaping purposes. Businesses locating in Aqaba will have access to the Fiber-Optic Link around the Globe (FLAG) that passes through the ASEZ. Furthermore, advanced telecommunication services are available at regionally competitive rates.

Land in Aqaba remains available for development and plans to rehabilitate the existing nodes will provide property developers with opportunities for technology parks, tourism developments, residential complexes, logistics and warehousing facilities, commercial centers, and industrial parks.


Industries located in Aqaba benefit from Jordan’s preferential access, for products of Jordanian origin, to WTO member states and numerous Arab Countries. Products manufactured in Jordan enjoy quota-free access to the US market through the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and the Qualifying Industrial Zones (QIZ), and to the European Union through the Euro-Jordanian Association Agreement.


Locating in Aqaba offers businesses the distinct competitive advantage of having access to one of the region’s most skilled, productive, and competitively paid labor forces.


Overall, Aqaba’s strategic location, infrastructure, unique natural and human assets, broad market access, and business-friendly environment offers investors a springboard to a variety of regional markets and the global economy.





The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) is the statutory institution empowered with regulatory, administrative, fiscal, and economic responsibilities for the ASEZ.


The ASEZ is governed by six ministerial-level Commissioners each responsible for a major area of regulatory or operational activity. The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Law simplifies all procedures, licenses, and approvals enabling the Authority to provide a business-friendly environment from one single location in Aqaba.


ASEZA is deeply committed to maintaining Aqaba at the competitive forefront as an international investment hub. ASEZA offers investors a streamlined investment environment and encourages private sector participation in all aspects of the Zone's development and operations. This ensures the provision of world-class infrastructure and services to Aqaba's investors, residents, and visitors alike.


ASEZA is Committed To Providing:

·            A one-stop investment center that serves as single point of decision making in order to facilitate business start-up and smooth operations.

·            A world-class business environment that maximizes private sector participation in a tax advantaged, and continuously improving investment climate.

·            A model approach to governance and environmentally sustainable development.



Mission Statement


·            To improve the quality of life for all community members

·            To create, regulate and sustain a globally competitive investor friendly environment

·            To optimize the efficient utilization of entrusted resources in harmony with the Master Plan to internationally recognized practices

·            To effect a transparent and accountable corporate structure, governance and culture that synergizes the activities of the ASEZA team

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