Electricity Distribution Company

General Information

EDCO was established according to the rules of the Companies Law No (22) of the year 1997.  It was registered on February 12, 1998 in the Public Sharing Companies Register under the number (335) with a capital of JD (10) million of which the Government owns 75%, and JEPCO owns 25%, divided into equal shares of one Jordan Dinar each.


DECO sought, since its establishment, to achieve its message embodied in sustaining and enhancing the electric system to meet the increasing demand on electric energy, provide the consumers in its supply areas with electric energy for various uses, serve the new consumers and provide the service with maximum degrees of efficiency and quality for the minimum costs.


The Company faced difficulties and challenges since its establishment, embodied in the expanding geographical areas of a rural feature and limited population density.  These areas account to 77% of the Kingdom's size which include the southern province (governorates of Karak, Tafileh, Maan, Aqaba), the Jordan Valley and the eastern area until the Iraqi borders.


Other challenges are raised by the evident unbalance on the electric tariff which subsides some categories, based on uncommercial grounds, in addition to the offenses against the electric networks with the purpose of tampering electric energy.


In spite of all the above, the Company achieved evident growth in the few years of its establishment.

The Company works on a wide set of laws.  The most prominent is the Temporary Public Electricity Law no. (64) of 2002.  This law included new rules reflected clearly on the Company's performance, structure and execution of its activities, its legal status in general, in light of the transformations and changes related to the electricity sector privatization, in addition to the Jordan Companies Law no (22) of 1977, the Jordan Labor Law no (8) of 1996, and the Social Security Law no (19) of 2001, in addition to dealing with a wide range of instructions that govern the different aspects of the Company's work.


EDCO owns a factory to manufacture cement and metal poles and their auxiliaries to be used in building medium and low voltage networks.  The Company owns 34.4% of the shares of the Jordan Company for Investment in electric industries (an allied Company of limited liability).  Towards the end of 2005, a decision was taken to liquidify the Company and transfer EDCO's share in that Company to the manufacturing company of electric equipment.


In implementing the government policies and plans regarding the electricity sector privatization, and relieving the government of the financial burdens with regard to administering and sponsoring the public facilities, EDCO continued to provide the technical, administrative and financial data about the Company to the consultancy coalition assigned by the government to help in executing the second phase of restructuring and privatization of the sector.



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