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Jordan Industrial Estates Company (JIEC) is considered the legal successor of the Jordan Industrial Estate Corporation which was established in 1980 as one of the tributaries of the national economy. It has accomplished during its march which exceeded a quarter of a century, an effective developmental and strategic performance, as it has worked in close cooperation with private sector institutions on promoting Jordan as a suitable and distinguished environment for investment.


JIEC is one of the most flourishing developer in Jordan that ensures the provision of a world-class infrastructure and vibrates with inspiring ideas, expertise and boundless ambitions. Qualifying it for the ISO certificate and His Majesty's King Abdullah II Award for Excellence as well as many international and national certificates and awards.


Jordan Industrial Estates Company was converted into a private shareholding company under the Development Zones Law No. 2 of 2008 with the aim of enhancing the investment environment through the unification of the investment references, and under the investment law No.30 of 2014 , the Industrial zones are considered as development zones through which these zones will take advantages of the extra benefits and incentives offered by the new law, striving to promote and encourage the establishment of industrial investment projects.

The company is responsible for establishing, developing and managing the industrial estates on a scale that involves all governorates of Jordan in a concept that involves all industrial estates, which combines a provision of basic services and infrastructures services such as water, electricity, roads and tele-communications as well as support services which represent the backbone of manufacturing and include banking, custom centers, health and security services. ... among other services, those services help the industrial companies in achieving success, reaching their objectives, and expanding their projects horizontally and vertically; Furthermore, these services were applied by JIEC through the exceeded Thirty years of experience in dealing with the industrial estates on a scale that involved all three regions Jordan (northern, central and southern regions).


The philosophy of establishing industrial estates is to create a suitable industrial and business environment, to strengthen the elements of investment attractions through providing all necessary infrastructures and services as well as to maximize the advantages of bilateral and multilateral agreements in which Jordan has signed with other countries.

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