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A historical overview of the e-Jordanian postal services

Are one of the first infrastructure services constituent of the Jordanian State, and therefore need to founding institutions to communications and correspondence for several quarters, a postal service had existed since the beginning of the Jordanian State began as a mail service, telephone and telegraph in Jordan formally with the first government known as (the Principals), and that was in 1921. where established (Postal Service), which included at the outset (8) post office, have been linked to the telephone network and provided some equipment and teletype machines, which operate on the old method of Morse and then applied the laws and rules and regulations that were in place in Palestine during the British mandate, after some of the adjustments necessary to subsequently consistent with the economic, administrative and financial aspects of the country where special regulations issued by mail and parcels, remittances and bills mail.


After the founding of concealment mail has expanded its postal services in the Emirate opened 9 new post office. During the period 1939 1949 opened a new post office and extended to telephone networks, as was the establishment of ten people mailing, at the same time turned telephone service from exchanges Mgnito to serve half of it.


The mail in that period transferred to horses and armored cars available later addition to the transfer by sea to other countries.


On August 6, 1939 became the telegraph, mail, telephone and Ministry dubbed (MoH), and was second in the ministry formed by the late state Tawfiq Abu Huda, the first minister it is (the Pasha Alkaid) and appears in the sequence of successive formations ministries name is recognized (MoH ), except that in several times changed name to the Ministry of Post and Telegraph.


This ministry has worked to keep up with progress and development in the area of  Post and Telecommunications Foundation was founded to telecommunications from 1972 and separated from the ministry. The postal services remained the responsibility of the ministry in addition to the Telegraph and Telephone Services on behalf of the institution where the communications telephony managed by the postal offices and through telephone exchanges for 24 hours.


Under the Communications Act of 1995 was established Telecommunications Regulatory Commission turned to a communications company as a result of telephone coverage to all regions of the Kingdom were arrested service telephone switches through postal offices.


In 2002, an Act of postal services agenda (It was passed by the National Assembly and became law No. postal services number 34 year 2007), which was established by a Jordanian company mail operator in the mail and began its work on January 1, 2003, whereas the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, known as the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and it is worth mentioning that the current number of postal offices in Saudi up to 356 Post Office and mail Jordanian still provides many services for citizens and the beneficiaries, whether basic postal services and financial services which usually on behalf of the institutions, services and companies from the public and private sectors including communications companies, particularly concerning the allocation of invoices and received the telegram service and telephone privacy in addition to other services.



The postage stamps were used eastern Jordan before 1918 are stamps and in the Ottoman Faisali during the period 1918 1920 stamps issued on behalf of Saudi Arabia in Syria, and after the founding of the Principality used at the outset stamps Saudi Arabia Syrian Then one of the British advisers brought quantities of stamps Palestinian and diminished words eastern Jordan in the second month of October 1927 issued stamps printed specially for Jordan carries the picture of His Majesty King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein, the founder of the first Jordan and then led groups has been issued commemorative stamps Jordanian in the last 1927-1933 carrying numerous occasions such as the first Constitution of the Principality east Jordan in 1928 and locusts in 1930 and places of archaeological 1933, but the first set of commemorative stamps on the occasion of national issued in May 25, 1946 occasion of Independence 1947 and the second group on the establishment of the parliament, and the first set stamps on the occasion of global Jordanian was in 1949 to mark the 57 anniversary of the founding UPU upu The first set of commemorative stamps bearing the image of His Majesty King Hussein Bin Talal, may God rest his soul is (memory mount the throne), which was passed in the 1 / 10 / 1953 is also the first stamps issued in the reign of King Hussein and composed of 6 stamps, in the era of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein was the first issuance of a postage stamp was on the occasion of the 28th session of the birth of his Majesty on January 30, 2000

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