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The Jordanian legislative system was established in cooperation with parties concerned with Jordanian legislations. All texts on Jordan legislations issued since the establishment of the Kingdom were entered into a technically advanced and up-to-date database available on the main system of the Legislation and Opinion Bureau Registry, and the Palace of Justice.

Any information on legislation can be accessed in several ways and at more than one level; all information is up-to-date and will continue to be updated whenever a new legislation is issued.

A Brief Overview:


·            An integrated system that covers all Jordanian legislations since the establishment of the Kingdom in 1921.

·            The system includes all original texts and amendments.

·            The system is easy to use and surfing is made easier as various related legislations are linked together.

·            One can research freely on the content of articles for any individual legislation or a group of legislations easing access to information.


The National Information Center (NIC), in cooperation with concerned parties, has recently established an integrated system on Jordanian legislations as part of the National Information System (NIS). This includes the constitution, laws and regulations, legal principles, explanatory laws, and agreements issued by virtue of this law. All legislations and amendments are continuously kept up-to-date, while keeping original texts, be they enacted or cancelled legislations, as of 1921 and until 2001.


The system has been designed in a way to provide easy access to any legislation by using the number, year or subject of legislation. In addition, it is possible to surf freely by subject matter to recover original texts and amendments leading to comprehensive amended texts inclusive with explanations, if any, and related legal principles.


In an attempt to make the system electronically available to the public, a subscription system has been adopted to cover the cost of the system’s operation.


To subscribe, fill out the special form and send it to NIC, in order of the Center to issue a user name and password.


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