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Historical Overview

To implement the decision of the Council of Ministers issued on April 9th 1994, which provides to change, "Jordan Electric Authority," which established under the provisions of the Electricity Law No. (21) for the year 1967 to be a public joint company wholly owned by the government, a ministerial committee was formed to take the necessary steps to transfer Jordan Electric Authority to a company and start to prepare a new law for electricity issued on 01.09.1996 (General Electricity Law No. 10 of 1996), which was canceled and replaced by the year 1999 (General Electricity Law No. 13 of 1999).

This was followed by issuance (Act No. 64 of 2002), then the government issued (amending temporary law to Electricity Law No. 52 of 2003), in order to provide the appropriate competitive environment by attracting investments by the private sector and increase its participation to establish electrical projects since this sector is prominent with managerial ability and efficiency to introduce new advanced technologies in the electrical the projects.
National Electric Power Company (Mother) was recorded by the Companies Controller at the Ministry of Industry and Trade as a public joint company under No. (316) dated 08/29/1996 and the appointment of the Board of Directors of the Company composed of 9 members appointed by the Council of Ministers.

After the implementation of several procedures and the completion of the technical, financial and administrative studies necessary to restructure NEPCO and achieve what stated in the Council of Ministers’ decision taken in its meeting on April 4th 1997 to the restructuring of the electricity sector, NEPCO (the mother) has been divided to three companies due to its activity as follows:-
First: NEPCO which is responsible for the activities of the transmission networks and stations and the electrical connection and control.
Second: CEGCO which is responsible for the electric generating stations.
Third: EDCO which is responsible for the distribution of electric power in areas outside the privilege of Jordan Electric Power Company and Irbid Electricity Company areas.

The Company's Vision

Raising the level of the company at all levels to international standards so that they become on a par with the best regional and international electric companies.

The Company’s Mission

It is to provide secure electric power, and maintain the reliability of the electrical system, the continuity of providing consumers with electric power required at economical prices according to international standards and requirements of the environment, the exchange of electricity with other countries, the consolidation of institutional work in the company, optimal investment of the infrastructure of transmission electric network to serve the community and contribute to the technology transfer and the attraction of national and foreign investments in the electricity sector and create jobs for national talents.

Company’s Objectives

1. The establishment, operation, maintenance, management and control of electric power transmission networks inside and outside the Kingdom and allowing licensed companies to generate electricity by using these networks for a certain price to be agreed upon between the National Electric Power Company and these companies.
2. The purchase of electric power generated by the licensed electric generation companies, industrial companies and neighboring countries and this energy should be sold to distribution companies, big consumers and neighboring countries with the appropriate prices and conditions to their goals that comply with current laws, regulations and instructions in the Kingdom.
3. Transmission and control of electric power and supply it to franchise companies before the start of the company of its business, which holds the distribution of electric power to consumers in the concession areas and to any other company to be licensed in the future for distribution in any region in the Kingdom.
4. Electric power exchange with other countries and establish the necessary electrical installations, including air and ground electric grid interconnections and substations and CCC.
5. The establishment of the necessary supplies for the production of electrical equipment of all kinds and trading industries.
6. To contribute or participate in any company or project related to the nature of the company's work inside or outside the Kingdom.
7. The establishment, management and maintenance of control systems and the use of leasing wireless, mobile and telecommunications networks in order to connect its offices, facilities, projects and locations of its work, enabling it to implement the goals and actions to be taken into account in the coordination and cooperation with competent entities and companies in the Kingdom, according to the established rules.
8. Provide any services or consulting or electric power-related studies and control them for others inside and outside the Kingdom.
9. Signing contracts necessary to have any project, lease, exchange or rental of any property, movable or immovable.
10. Purchase the needs of natural gas of generating stations and sell them to the electricity generating companies.


The Electrical System in the Kingdom

The electrical system in the Kingdom includes generating plants and main substations and transmission networks of high voltage as132 and 400 k.v that connect these stations with the load centers in various regions of the Kingdom in addition to the electrical interconnection lines 400 k.v with each of the two sisters of Egypt and Syria, as well as distribution networks that feed what is accounted for 99.9% of the population.
In Jordan, electrical system also includes some private generating stations that can be synchronized with the rest of the generating plants in the common system, as well as the system includes other special plants that serve its owners only and are not tied with a common system.


Other power companies operating in the Kingdom:

     1. Jordanian Electric Power Company
     2. Central Electricity Generating Company
     3. Electricity Distribution Company
     4. Irbid District Electricity Company
     5. Samra Electric Power Generating Company
     6. Amman Company to Generate Electricity
     7. Qatraneh Electric Power Co.



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