Royal Jordanian Geographic Center

General Information

Establishment and Development:

The Royal Jordanian Geographic Center (RJGC) was established in 1975 to serve as a national institution responsible for all field, aerial and spatial survey works, in addition to producing maps and atlases of all works, in addition to producing maps and atlases of all types and scales to satisfy the needs of Jordan and any Arab country that requires such services.


Since its establishment, the center has sought to provide qualified technical staff in surveying, mapping and other related modern sciences such as Remote Sensing, Digital Mapping, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Space Geodesy and Global Positioning System (GPS).


The RJGC’s College for Survey Sciences trains and graduates many students from Jordan and other Arab countries I different scientific specializations which include: Survey Sciences, Data Technology, Satellite Imagery Analysis and Earth Sciences Applications.


RJGC is trying to keep pace with the rapid technological developments. The center is equipped with advanced equipment and technology which is connected together through a computerized network i.e. Local Area Network (LAN) which facilitates the transfer of information among the different sections and departments of the RJGC. Moreover, the network provides the smooth and prompt access, analysis, correction, processing and extraction of data and information.


In the field of education and training in survey sciences, the RJGC continues to support and provide the RJGC College with complete financial and technical support including experienced staff and educational hardware and software technology.


The College provides three major specializations for the two academic years of the diploma level. Those are:

1. Topographic Surveying.

2. Photography and Cartography.

3. Photography and Printing.


The college which will become one of Al Balqa Applied University colleges has also introduced new specializations in the Surveying Engineering BSc programme in the academic years 1997-1998.


The two year diploma program will proceed along with the BSc program.


The college also holds a number of different training programmes (with a one week to several weeks duration) on both the national and the regional level in which participants from Jordan and other Arab neighboring countries take part.

The programmes include training in Survey Sciences, Remote Sensing, GIS and many other.


Tasks of RJGC

1. Establishing and maintaining the geodetic networks and triangulation points of different orders which cover the entire country.

2. Providing necessary data and information to the Department f Lands and Survey that helping preparing cadastral maps.

3. Producing different scale to epigraphic maps to serve the national and developmental purposes.

4. Producing the thematic maps required by the ministries, public departments and the private sector as well as providing them with the necessary surveying and mapping information which they require to carry out their projects.

5. Planning and executing aerial surveys for the public and private sectors.

6. Training technicians to fulfill RFGC needs and the needs of other national institutions.

7. Keeping up with the worldwide development in Cartography and surveying sciences an trying to establish an integral geographic information system.


Duties of RJGC

RJGC is responsible for producing all kinds of different scale maps, carrying out survey work, executing projects, supplying geographic information to the public and private sectors and utilizing the equipment and facilities available for the purposes of production, training and studies and research.


Te center is equipped with experienced professionals i.e. engineers and technicians who perform these tasks without the need for foreign experts. Thus, Jordanian maps are produced by Jordanian hands.

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