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General Information

The Royal Scientific Society (RSS) is the largest applied research institution, consultancy, and technical support service provider in Jordan and is a regional leader in the fields of science & technology.

RSS provides expert testing and calibration services. With over 25 specialized locally & internationally accredited laboratories. RSS prides itself on offering both the public and private sectors a unique scientific resource and a wide range of project expertise. Supported by more than 500 science specialists, researchers, technical support staff, highly skilled management, and faculty, the RSS has truly become recognized as a local, regional and international research and development hub.

Born out of the great heart and spirit of His Majesty the Late King Hussein and HRH Prince Hassan in 1970, the Royal Scientific Society has, since day one, aimed high to be the local and regional reference point of knowledge for science and technology using modern engineering research as a base to power economic development and social progress.

RSS proactively guides, supports and strengthens large governmental research projects and commercial incubators for both small and medium enterprises. Industrial firms contract RSS to assess potential impacts on the environment and to recommend practical solutions to minimize and control pollutants. RSS conducts standardised laboratory inspections on many of the foods and products consumed daily by Jordanians.

A wide range of products are continuously inspected & tested including: detergents, paints, textiles, paper products, lubricants, industrial and medicinal gases, in addition to building materials to ensure conformity with national and international standards.

In order to ensure compliance with the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) mandatory equipment servicing requirements as well as guarantee that all the equipment is in proper working order, the (MOH) contracts the RSS to manage, service and maintain the Kingdom’s vast supply of medical equipment.

Since its inception, RSS has led by example. As an independent industry leader, RSS has been at the forefront of Jordanian renewable energy development and research, from wind powered water pumps and aerial generators to solar water heater panels and solar receptors.

With the vast expertise accumulated by the Society over the years, it has established itself as a pioneer within the broader international scientific community. RSS laboratories enjoy close personal co-operative ties with local, regional, and international scientific organizations.

At RSS being customer–centric simply means having an unwavering commitment to the people of Jordan. The RSS continuously strives to improve its standing as a point of reference for scientific knowledge and technical awareness, where quality standards and public health become equal and totally uncompromised. RSS is unequivocally committed to testing with guaranteed accuracy, and is dedicated to research and development.

As Jordan’s business and industry march into a modern 21st century, The Royal Scientific Society is reaching out, building credibility by providing unique services with distinction and preparing Jordan for all the challenges of tomorrow.


Vision, Mission and Values


To be the local and regional reference point and knowledge leader for science and technology using scientific and engineering research to power economic development and social progress.


To build and strengthen scientific and engineering research in the areas of greatest strategic value to Jordan’s long-term competitiveness and development


Core values

Customer Centric            Everyone at RSS places customers first in everything we do

Excellence                        We aim for the highest quality standards and best service in everything; we do with an attitude of never ending improvement; We work hard to go the extra mile.

Progressive                      We embrace change, actively question the world around us and use intelligence, initiative and creativity to find solutions to challenges and new ways of doing things.

Teamwork                        We work as one team with great heart and spirit for RSS to benefit Jordan; we collaborate across all areas to build knowledge and quality respecting all contributions and skills.

Accountability                 We take accountability to deliver our responsibilities and commitments to high standards with energy and enthusiasm.

Ethical                               We each take responsibility to work with integrity, honesty, trust, transparency and fairness


RSS Human Assets

At RSS we owe our four decades of continues success to our committed, competent, and outstanding human resources. They are the corner stone of our amazing services and continues evolution. We are committed to enhance our human assets by hiring the most competent talents and through advancing our current employees to be more competitive, highly effective, and technologically advanced through training courses, workshops and seminars.

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