Issuance of a Certificate of Company Registration

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According to the registration instructions of companies and projects in the Free Zones for 1998.


Each investor who leased a plot of land in the Free Zone and is a signatory of a lease contract in force must be registered in the trade register in the Free Zones.


Certificate of Registration of a company in the Free Zones shall be issued by adopting the following procedures:

1.      Submission of an application for the establishment.

2.      Complete the establishment contract of the proposed company (partnership company, limited by shares partnership, limited liability company, public shareholding company) with the following information:

a.      Name of the company

b.      Head office (in the Free Zone)

c.     Objectives of the company

d.     Capital

e.     Names of persons authorized in signing and management of the company.

f.      Method of distribution of dividends.

g.     Names of shareholders, share of each in the capital (in addition to age, signature and a valid civil affairs identification card).

h.     The establishment contract shall be signed before the Companies Register Secretary at the Free Zones Corporation or before a Notary Public or a certified attorney-at-law.

i.       The information provided in the form is to be verified by the Companies Register Secretary, and the amount of the fees to be paid shall be established, to paid at the financial Department/Cash Office.

j.       A Certificate of Registration of the company certified by the Companies Register Secretary in the Corporation shall be issued.

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