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On 11/4/1921, the Hashemite leadership assumed its governing responsibilities upon the demand and request of the people in the Country, and then decided to establish a Force for security purposes and keeping order. This consisted of Gendarme units at fixed stations in the cities, a reserve battalion of Gendarme, a battalion of regulars and a Hajjanah Unit, in addition to a mobilized force, whose Commander was then called the Councilor Advisor for Security and Discipline equivalent in rank of a Minister in the final Government that was formed in the Emirate of East Jordan.


Consequently, this was considered as the establishing date of the Public Security, and was decided by the Public Security Directorate to celebrate every year due to its importance in the modern history of Jordan and the importance of the achievements and realization to this first force in imposing the State authority at that sensitive stage and consolidating its foundations.


On 11/09/1923, the post of the Public Security Director was postponed. The units that were linked to it were incorporated to the Arab Army. The Security units continued to perform their duties with the Arab Army until 14/07/1956 when a law was issued for separation. They were re-linked again to the army on 25/04/1957. Then law number (29) for the year (1958) was passed which separated the Public Security from the Army and was linked to the Ministry of Interior.


In 1965, the Law for Public Security number (38) was passed. Section Four of that law specified the duties of the Force as follows:


1.           Preservation of order and security and the protection of lives, honor and properties.

2.           Prevention of crimes and endeavor to discover and pursue them, to arrest and apprehend their perpetrators and deliver them to justice.

3.          Administration of prisons and guarding of prisoners.

4.          The implementation of laws and regulations, Judicial and legitimate orders, and assisting the Public Authorities in executing their functions according to the stipulations of laws.

5.           Receiving unclaimed items and properties and dealing with them according to the stipulations of laws and regulations.

6.           Supervising and organizing Traffic on roads.

7.           Controlling the public meetings and processions on roads and in public places.

8.           Carrying out any other duties imposed by the enforced laws.

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