National Aid Fund

General Information

The Fund’s Establishment and Objectives:


·            The National Aid Fund is an administratively and financially independent organization, as mentioned in its establishment Law no. (36) for the year 1986.  The Fund’s objectives, as specified in its establishing law, are the following: 

o           Protecting and supporting needy individuals and families through the extension of recurring or contingency financial aid to them.

o           Working at providing employment or production opportunities to the individual or the family, or to increase them by way of vocational or physical rehabilitation.

o           Recommending to the Ministry of Health to issue Health Insurance Cards to the financially incapable, who are beneficiaries of the Fund’s services, according to the provisions and conditions stipulated in the current Civil Health Insurance System.

o           Providing vocational training to beneficiary groups at institutions and relevant authorities.

o           Carrying out scientific research and field studies related to the Fund and areas of its activity.

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