Registration commercial agencies

Estimated Time:

20-40 minutes for the entire process (starting the submission of the application)
It should be noted that the law sets the legal registration time at 14 days starting the submission of the application.



Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supplies/ The Central Trade & Industrial Registration Directorate/ Business Registration Section


Estimated Fee:

-    50JD for commercial agency registration
-    100JD for commercial agency registration In case there is 2-month delay in application 
-    250JD for commercial agency registration In case there is 3-month delay in application

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Conditions for obtaining service

Application should be submitted personally by the applicant or a person authorized by a general or special power of attorney; the original copy should be presented.



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         1.    The applicant takes a number from the machine (category D)
2.    The applicant fills the commercial agency registration form, which is examined by the business registration clerk, who prepares the certificate accordingly.
3.    Fees are paid to ministry’s treasurer and the receipt is presented to the business registration clerk.
4.    The head of the business registration section double-checks and signs the certificate and presents it to the applicant.


Required Documents

-    A contract between the granter of the agency and the agent entailing all the commitments of both parties, the term of the contract, the geographical area it covers, termination provisions and any other terms and conditions agreed upon by the two parties. The contract should be certified as follows:
a.    By a notary public or chamber of commerce in the country of the granter of the agency
b.    By the Jordanian embassy in the country of the granter of the agency or any other party that can act on its behalf for purposes of certifying documents and deeds.
c.    By the Foreign Ministry in Jordan
d.    By the Justice Ministry in Jordan
-    Agencies organized in a foreign language should be translated into Arabic and legally certified 
-    An application to register a commercial agency should be submitted to the Registrar, along with the duly certified agency contract within 60 days of the signing of the contract.



Persons benefiting from the service

Individual and corporate establishments


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