Licensing the use of a Trade Name

Estimated Time:

15-20 minutes for the entire process (starting the submission of the application)


Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply/ The Central Trade & Industrial Registration Directorate/ Trade Registration Section/ industry and trade departments in all governorates 

Estimated Fee:

-    10JD for issuing a certificate of licensing the use of a trade name
-    0.003 of the value of the licensing contract

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Conditions for obtaining service

- Application should be submitted personally by the applicant or a person authorized by a power of attorney - If the licensee owns a trade name, he must cancel this name



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1.    The applicant takes a number from the machine (category B)
2.    The clerk fills the form concerning licensing the use of a trade name
3.    Fees are paid to ministry’s treasurer and the receipt is presented to the trade registration clerk.
4.    The head of the trade registration section signs the certificate and presents it to the applicant.


Required Documents

1. Official ID card or passport for non-Jordanians
2. A valid profession practicing license
3. A written agreement between the licenser and the licensee (a contract stating the rights and obligations of each party and detailed addresses of both) signed before a notary public, the Registrar or any one the latter authorizes to oversee the process, in addition to the license duration and the terms and conditions governing the responsibility of each party toward third parties
4. The trade registration certificate of the licensee
5. The trade name certificate of the licenser stating the person authorized to sign on behalf of the commercial store and its owner in case the name under licensing is outside Jordan, provided that such a document is certified as follows:
-    By the official party that issued it
-    By the Jordanian embassy in the country of the licenser
-    By Jordanian Foreign Ministry
-    By Jordanian Justice Ministry
-    Documents organized in a foreign language should be translated into Arabic and legally certified.


Persons benefiting from the service

Merchants (individual and corporate establishments); charities and NGOs


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