Prequalification of contractors and consultants

Estimated Time:

In case of meeting all requirements, and due to the nature of this service, the period will not exceed one month.


The Government Tenders Department / Ministry of Public Works and Housing Building / 8th Circle / Amman. 

Estimated Fee:

he Department does not charge any fees for this service. However, sometimes there is a price charged for Prequalification Documents and deposited in the Treasury. 

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Conditions for obtaining service

This service is provided to persons willing to participate in the construction tenders required by the nature of some projects of technical, financial, administrative, and distinguished experience nature. Each procedure is taken in accordance with the project.


This service vary from one project to another. The procedures require input from public and private institutions such as the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Central Bank, the local commercial banks, Vehicles Licensing Department, Social Security Corporation, Amman Municipality, Municipalities, Customs Department, Engineers Association, and Contractors Association. 
*    To follow up the prequalification procedures for Contractors and Consultants, please visit the Government Tenders department website 

Partner institutions:



1.    Advertising in the available means. 
2.    Purchase the Prequalification Documents if they are not free-of-charge.
3.    Submit the application for application in the required number of copies in sealed envelopes. 
4.    Submition of applications for prequalification on the assigned date and time in the box assigned to the relevent Tenders Committee . 
5.    The applications shall be opened in the presense of the relevent committee’s quorum.
6.    The applications for pre-qualification are referred to a technical committee for evaluation.
7.    The technical committee evaluation report is presented to the relevent committee to take the appropriate action to be presented to the competent authority to ratify, and the concerned parties will be notified in due form. 
8.    The Invitation for Bids for the project is distributed to the qualified applicants only. 

Required Documents

The required documents:
1.    Information on the project.
2.    The expected implementation plan of the project.
3.    The source and amount of the project financing.
4.    The information required to be submitted by the applicant within his application for pre-qualification to include as a minimum:
4-1    The institutional status of the applicant. 
4-2    The administrative and technical staff working for the applicant permanently. 
4-3    The technical staff required to be provided by the applicant for the project subject of pre-qualification
4-4    Equipment, machines and devices available and necessary to accomplish the required work. 
4-5    Previous experience in the field of required work. 
4-6    The financial situation of the applicant. 
4-7    Litigation or arbitration record of the projects implemented and / or those under implementation. 
5.    Details on the evaluation criteria under which the application for pre-qualification will evaluated. 
6.    Applicants shall not be permitted to enter into joint ventures unless the project is of the type that requires expertise that can be accomplished only by entering into a joint venture. 

Persons benefiting from the service

contractors and consultants


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