Hanandeh: 620k citizens activated digital ID

Amman, Oct. 24 (Petra)- Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Ahmed Hanandeh, affirmed the ministry’s commitment to carry out the executive program of Economic Modernization Vision (EMV) and Public Sector Modernization Map with regard to the Kingdom's digital transformation, which is consistent and in line with the ministry's Digital Transformation Strategy and Plan.

The ministry, he said, is working, in cooperation with government institutions and the private sector to transform government services into "effective" digital services that comply with international requirements and specifications.

The minister added that this process aims to achieve Jordan's digital transformation to support development, improve citizens' lives, achieve well-being, and reach digitization and automation of all government services by end of 2025.

The minister made the remarks during a dialogue session held by Jordanian Strategy Forum (JSF), on Tuesday, under the theme: "Digital Transformation and its Role in Strengthening Enabling Environment for Private Sector."

During the session, Hanandeh pointed to the ministry's current axes and policies, primarily interactive services platform through the e-government portal, "Sanad"app, which provides a single gateway to digital government services, and offers a number of services, mainly digital ID.

Hanandeh announced a total of approximately 620,000 citizens activated Sanad e-services for digital ID, documents and signature, aimed to facilitating transactions and streamlining procedures,

He noted this achievement precedes completing work on the unified national register for companies, which seeks to facilitating access to data and assisting the private sector in conducting business to increase firms' efficiency and productivity by sparing time and effort.

Additionally, Hanandeh stressed infrastructure in Jordan is "advanced and ready" for digital transformation, adding that : "Jordan always and continuously strives to modernize infrastructure of all institutions, as 85 establishments were assessed to determine their needs for this purpose."

On future steps, he noted there will be 3 government data centers serving all the Kingdom's regions by 2025, stressing importance of partnership with the private sector to advance Jordan's economy and achieve benefit for all citizens.
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24/10/2023 17:57:01