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Government Agencies

  • Amman Chamber of Commerce

  • Amman Stock Exchange

  • Integrity and Anti-corruption Commission

  • Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority

  • Jordan Audit Bureau

  • Central Bank of Jordan

  • Service and Public Administration Commission

  • Deposit Insurance Corporation

  • Electricity Distribution Company

  • House of Representatives

  • Jordan Chamber of Commerce

  • Jordan News Agency-Petra

  • Jordan Post

  • Jordan Securities Commission

  • Jordanian Nursing Council

  • King Abdullah II Center for Excellence

  • Legislation and Opinion Bureau

  • National Electricity Company

  • Royal Hashemite Court

  • Orphans Fund Development Foundation

  • Royal Hashemite Documentation Center

  • Royal Jordanian

  • Royal Jordanian Geographic Center

  • Royal Scientific Society

  • Securities Depository Center

  • Supreme Judge Department

  • The Higher Council for Science and Technology

  • The Jodanian Senate

  • Amman Chamber of Industry

  • General Ifta' Department

  • Jordan Industrial Estates Company

  • Municipality of Greater Amman

  • Jordan Free and development Zones Group

  • General Intelligence Department

  • Jordan Tourism Board

  • Jordanian Royal Medical Services

  • Institute of Public Administration

  • Judicial Institute of Jordan

  • National Information Technology Center

  • The Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Government Entities

  • Prime Ministry

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    Government Agencies